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Hyundai Blue Link® Connected Car Service

Hyundai Blue Link® Connected Car Service lets you control your Hyundai vehicle from the comfort of an app on your smartphone. Access everything from your car's remote start feature to scheduling service with your dealership through Blue Link®.

When you open the app, you'll start on the Home screen, which shows your car's year and model and a series of buttons that let you lock and unlock the car using a PIN, turn the lights on and off, and even turn the horn and lights on together to make  it easy to find in a parking lot.

One of the best features of Blue Link® is the remote start and stop function. Turn on your car from inside your house or office and turn on climate control so it reaches the perfect temperature before you even set foot outside.

Blue Link® also uses smart navigation technology to help you keep track of your car no matter where you go. Using the same PIN, you can find your car's location and use your navigation to take you right to it. Blue Link® navigation also lets you use voice controls to ask for general destinations, like the cheapest fuel in the area, and you'll have directions to the gas station with the lowest prices in seconds.

Service Link is another great aspect of Blue Link® that lets you set up car service with your dealership without having to make a call. That's just the beginning of the abundant features available through Blue Link®. Automatic Collision Notification and Assistance, for example, senses when an accident has occurred, automatically detects your location and sends emergency vehicles to you. Use the panic button to alert friends and family when you're in a dangerous situation, get Enhanced Roadside Assistance to help your technician navigate to you, and even manage your electric or hybrid vehicle's charging remotely.

For any assistance with your Hyundai Blue Link-equipped vehicle, contact us at Tipton Hyundai.

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