What is Hyundai Blue Link?

Hyundai Blue Link is the connective feature suite of Hyundai that our customers are always looking to learn more about, as connectivity and seamless integration are easily available in this interactive digital tool. From the nuances of your day to emergencies, vehicle diagnostics, travel searches and so much more, Hyundai Blue Link can be a deal-breaker for many drivers in the Rio Grande Valley area, one we're excited to unpack for you here at Tipton Hyundai today.

How Exactly Does Blue Link Work?

Hyundai Blue Link is a suite of connected features that touch upon a range of different driver experiences, offering strong peace of mind, more convenience, better practicality and limitless information for you to incorporate into your daily commutes. Remote access allows you to cool your vehicle's temperature on a muggy Brownsville day from the outside, while stolen vehicle recovery helps you to properly locate your stolen vehicle in case of an incident occurring. Additional peace of mind is included with the geo-fencing and curfew alerts for younger drivers in your family, along with emergency roadside and SOS assistance for immediate access to emergency services no matter where you are.

Convenience features are also plentiful with Hyundai Blue Link, including car care reports that provide updated information on your Hyundai maintenance on a monthly basis. Destination search powered by Google is also highly convenient, allowing you to safely pull up the internet and request restaurant, coffee shop, and gas station information with ease.

Which Hyundai Models Come with Blue Link?

One of the greatest things about Hyundai Blue Link that customers in South Texas will truly enjoy is the scope of the vehicles it applies to. Most models ranging from 2013 to 2017 in model year have the option for Blue Link installation, with the exception of the Hyundai Accent warranting notice. Depending on your style, performance and comfort preferences, you can choose from a wide range of Hyundai cars and SUVs and still expect the dynamic connectivity of Hyundai Blue Link to be a realistic possibility for you!