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Rotate Tires$19.95
Rotate & Balance Tires - Road Force$85.95
Electronic Balance - 4 Tires (Includes Rotation)$59.95
Align Front & Rear Suspension$89.95
Power Flush Colling System$139.95
Auto Trans Flush Service$189.95
Manual Trans Flush Service$169.95
Complete Brake InspectionFREE
Replace Front Brake Pads - Includes Machine$189.95
Replace Rear Shoes or Pads - Includes Machine$189.95
Clean & Adjust Rear Shoes$49.95
Battery Service Load Test - Clean Terminals & Pads$23.95
Complete Fuel System Flush & Tank Additive$114.84
Replace Wiper Blades$29.95
Synthetic Oil Change (max 5 qts)$89.95
Brake System Flush Service$99.95
Oil and Filter Change (max 5 qts)$37.95
Engine Oil Flush$23.95
Replace Diesel Fuel Filters (6.0 & 6.4 Liter Only)$199.95
Nitro Fill*$39.95

*Benefits of filling your tires with Nitrogen

  • Nitrogen is a dry gas and free of moisture
  • Nitrogen doesn't deteriorate rubber like the "wet oxygen" that comes from compressed air
  • Nitrogen has a larger molecular structure and won't leak like oxygen
  • Nitrogen makes tires less susceptible to air loss with temperature changes