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For busy families and cost-conscious consumers, a budget-friendly pre-owned sedan is an excellent vehicle choice – and a pre-owned Hyundai sedan is even better. To find out why a Hyundai makes the best pre-owned sedan for Brownsville, Texas, customers, keep reading.


The biggest reason why most buyers choose to purchase a used or certified pre-owned (CPO) Hyundai is cost. Of the three major vehicle segments in the US (cars, trucks, and SUVs), cars are typically the least expensive because of their smaller body and lessened need for performance capability. On top of a lower initial sticker price for sedans, purchasing your vehicle pre-owned rather than new also helps you save money. When you buy a pre-owned Hyundai sedan, you don’t experience the same steep level of rapid depreciation as a new car buyer would when they drive off the lot. You purchase a pre-owned vehicle after that initial depreciation hits, which means you can save thousands right off the bat by choosing a pre-owned Hyundai over a new vehicle.

Value Over Time

In addition to a lower purchase price, your CPO Hyundai sedan will prove to be a tremendous value over time thanks to associated cost savings. A pre-owned Hyundai sedan costs less than a new car, which means you’ll save money from the start on sales tax. You will also likely pay less for car insurance than you would with a brand-new vehicle, as it will cost your insurance company less money to replace or repair a pre-owned Hyundai than a new model.

Upgraded Features

Buying a pre-owned Hyundai also means you can opt for more advanced features than you might be able to afford if you were buying new. While your budget might only have enough room for a base-level Elantra when buying brand-new, you might be able to swing for an Elantra Limited trim with luxury features like wireless charging, leather seats, and premium audio when buying pre-owned.

Fuel Efficiency

Sedans generally get better gas mileage than pickup trucks or SUVs due to their smaller size and greater aerodynamics, and CPO Hyundai vehicles are even more fuel-efficient than the average sedan. Some editions of the gas-sipping Hyundai Elantra can get as much as 40 MPG on the highway, so you’ll spend less money at the pump. Several hybrid options are available on pre-owned Hyundai vehicles that will simultaneously let you save the planet and your hard-earned cash.

Pre-Owned Privilege

You already know that Hyundai has the best pre-owned sedans on the market, but did you know that Hyundai offers one of the best CPO programs as well? Each CPO Hyundai sedan goes through a 173-point inspection that makes sure it is safe to drive, beautiful to look at, and mechanically sound before it ever goes on sale. Only vehicles that are newer than five model years in age and have fewer than 60,000 miles on the odometer are eligible to be sold as a CPO vehicle. Once it’s available on our Brownsville, Texas lot, you can review a full vehicle history report that details the pre-owned Hyundai’s maintenance and accident history. Better still, every CPO Hyundai is covered by America’s Best Warranty.


A Hyundai vehicle makes the best pre-owned sedan because it is one of the most reliable vehicles money can buy. On average, Hyundai vehicles will require about $468 in annual maintenance costs; this is significantly less than the overall average of $652 a year for all vehicles. The average car owner has to visit a dealership four times a year for unscheduled maintenance, while Hyundai owners only make approximately one visit every four years. When pre-owned Hyundai owners do visit Tipton’s service department unexpectedly, only 10% of visits are considered severe.

Convinced a Hyundai sedan is right for you? Stop by Tipton Hyundai’s used lot to browse dozens of pre-owned and CPO Hyundai sedans.

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