Why Your Gas Gauge Sometimes Gives Inaccurate Readings | Brownsville, TX

Why Your Gas Gauge Sometimes Gives Inaccurate Readings | Brownsville, TX


The gas gauge is a useful feature in cars that lets you know the amount of fuel in your tank. If it doesn’t work correctly, your car may suddenly run out of fuel, leaving you stranded on the side of the road and potentially causing damage to the fuel pump. If you believe your gas gauge may be giving inaccurate readings, take a look at the few potential reasons for this issue.


The sending unit fails


The sending unit continually rubs the variable resistor while you drive. However, the fuel float contacts can experience wear and tear over time, and this can eventually create an open circuit and accordingly a sending unit failure. If this happens, the gas gauge will either show that your tank is full or empty at all times.


There’s a fault in the circuit


Several issues with the circuit can lead to an inaccurate gas gauge reading. This is because a fault in the circuit may prevent the gas gauge from having fuel sender voltage or stop the fuel sender from having a source voltage. Corrosion and loose connections may also be the source of problems and typically occur at the Fuel Pump Module.


The internal circuit is broken


If the gas gauge has a faulty internal circuit, it may only work for one section, such as from the empty to half marks. With a shorted internal circuit, the gas gauge may be stuck on full or empty. With an open circuit, it will remain at empty.


The instrument cluster fails


In a newer car, the instrument cluster can malfunction and not display the correct fuel level. If this happens, you will need to take your car into the service center to have the entire unit replaced. Luckily, this costly issue is the least likely to occur.


If you believe your gas gauge is not functioning properly, take your car in for a checkup at Tipton Hyundai in Brownsville, Texas. Our expert technicians can inspect your car and perform maintenance as necessary to ensure your car is safe to drive.